Please Don't Pat Me


Our goal is to promote widespread understanding and respect for all Australian assistance dog teams.

Please Don't Pat Me (Australia)

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An assistance dog is any dog that is trained to assist a person with a disability to alleviate the effect of the disability and meet the appropriate standards for an animal in a public place.

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Complying with the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act is the most important thing your business can do to offer your customers with disabilities a positive experience.

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Perhaps you would be interested in some handouts that you can distribute at your next staff meeting to help make sure your staff are aware of their rights & responsibilities?

Welcome to Please Don't Pat Me Australia. Our goal is to promote widespread understanding and respect for all Australian assistance dog teams.

Whether you have never before heard of an assistance dog, are curious about the law regarding assistance dog teams in your business, have a friend or family member with an assistance dog, train assistance dogs, are partnered with an assistance dog or simply want to learn more about assistance dog teams, Please Don't Pat Me Australia will offer information and possibly even a new perspective on the subject for you.

Please Don't Pat Me Australia also offers resources and assistance for handlers and businesses or organisations. We offer businesses the educational and awareness raising opportunities for your staff and we offer handlers direct advocacy to resolve access challenges and if required, assistance to file a disability discrimination complaint with the relevant authorities. Please check out the Resources page for more information on how we can help you.

Please Don't Pat Me Australia has been developed by a small team of disabled assistance dog handlers and for the past year has been funded by donations from the assistance dog community. We seek donations to keep the website live and to continue to grow. In 2016 we plan to become an officially registered charitable organisation this will enable us to raise more funds to continue our advocacy work and help reach equal access to the Australian community.

We are also planning to develop a mobile app to help assistance dog handlers have easy access to information and the relevant laws to help them in the event they are illegally denied access to public places.

Every donation, no matter how small helps! Please show your support for the wonderful work these dogs do to help people with disabilities and support Please Don't Pat Me Australia to continue raising awareness about the rights of disabled handlers to access the community around them.

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